Experience the joys of sharing your life with a Mastiff
Welcome to Mastiff Mountain   
Welcome to Mastiff Mountain. Everyone should experince the joys of sharing your life with a Mastiff.
We are located in Colfax, California and have been raising English Mastiffs, a truly magnificent breed, for 25 years now. Our Mastiffs are our ‘kids’ and can typically be found lounging on the couch. Two even sleep in bed with us.

Their loyalty and love is unconditional and they get along great with all of the other critters on our property (Horses, Goats, Cats, and Chickens.

We only have one litter every few years, depending on what the prospective "Mommy wants" and our wish is for all of our babies to go to loving homes in which they will become a member of the family that adopts them.

Also known as The Old English Mastiff and not to be confused with the Bull Mastiff, they are the largest breed of dog in the world for both his weight and bulk. A Mastiff is a large, stately breed and is known as the gentle giant of the dog world. The noblest of the family, he stands alone and all others sink before him. “The Mastiff is one of the most ancient breeds recorded by man. They fought by the sides of the Roman legions before the birth of Christ. As dogs of war, the Mastiff was said to have accompanied the soldiers and chariots to protect their owners should they fall during battle.”

They excelled as guardians to the children, homes, and grounds of noble's as well as those of peasants. Today the Mastiff is generally a rather large, lazy, couch potato. The Mastiff is very intelligent, easily obedience trained and we have found them to be usually housebroken within a matter of a month. The Mastiff is a dog of massive body, large head, broad chest and powerful hind end. They range is size from small (130 lbs.) to large (over 220 lbs.), standing at a height of 27 to 34 inches at the shoulder. Males tend to be larger and heavier than females.
The Mastiff is truly a versatile working breed. Their great strength was used to turn wheels that drew water from wells. In addition, they were also used to pull carts and carry heavy loads on their powerful backs.

Battling the Lion
Discretion is the Mastiff's banner. That is why he rarely barks. His mere size makes his potential foes shudder. The Mastiff is not wicked, either. He will openly avoid confronting other animals, except when the life of his family or his own life is at stake. The Mastiff is unbeatable, so fighting this giant that can be well over 200 lbs. is useless - he will always win. Consider this: "The Mastiff is to the dog what the lion is to the cat." Do you want to battle a lion?
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